Strings, p-branes and Dp-branes with dynamical tension Academic Article uri icon


  • We discuss a new class of brane models (extending both p-brane and Dp-brane cases) where the brane tension appears as an additional dynamical degree of freedom instead of being put in by hand as an ad hoc dimensionfull scale. Consistency of dynamics naturally involves the appearence of additional higher-rank antisymmetric tensor gauge fields on the world-volume which can couple to charged lower-dimensional branes living on the original Dp-brane world-volume. The dynamical tension has the physical meaning of electric-type field strength of the additional higher-rank world-volume gauge fields. It obeys Maxwell (or Yang-Mills) equations of motion (in the string case p=1) or their higher-rank gauge theory analogues (in the Dp-brane case). This in particular triggers a simple classical mechanism of ("color") charge confinement.

publication date

  • January 1, 2003