Infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss and sperm DNA fragmentation, have we found the missing link? Academic Article uri icon


  • Physiologically, sperm DNA is protected from external damage by being compacted and bound to protamine (15). If some damage does occur, a repair mechanism in the oocyte cytoplasm can reverse it in most cases. However, when the damage tops the oocyte's repair ability, the fragmented DNA may alter sperm function (16) resulting either in a failed pregnancy or, if the damage is manifested in the germ line, it can lead to early childhood cancer and/or malformations (17, 18). Although the cause for SDF is multifactorial, it is primarily caused by oxidative stress (19, 20). In any semen sample, most of the sperm cells are morphologically abnormal, some of them due to abnormal chromatin remodeling during spermiogenesis. These cells are fated for apoptosis and are major contributors of reactive oxygen species (ROS) formation (21). ROS elevation will cause the harmful OS damage …

publication date

  • January 1, 2017