Quantitative EEG in Alzheimer's patients and age-matched controls following a single acute intravenous dose of scopolamine Academic Article uri icon


  • The effects on the quantitative EEG of physiological fluctuations in ACTH. cortisoi and glucose blood concentrations were rnvestrgated in 8 young male volunteers (age: 21-28 yrs, mean 24.5 ZIZ 1.7 yrs; weight: 62-79 Kg). Six multichannel EEG recordings were performed per each subject at regular interval during a 6 hrs experimental session in controlled conditions. Blood samples were collected after each EEG recording. The EEG signal was processed by power spectral analysis; glucose, cortisol and ACTH concentrations were determined by hexokinase-GSP-DH essay and RIA respectively. No systematic trend of variation across subjects and over time was detected for any of the considered EEG/blood parameters. ACTH. cortisol and glucose were not correlated to each other, No effect of cortisol on the EEG was observed in these experimental conditions at concentration …

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  • January 1, 1993