Method and algorithm for efficient calibration of compressive hyperspectral imaging system based on a liquid crystal retarder Conference Paper uri icon


  • Recently we presented a Compressive Sensing Miniature Ultra-spectral Imaging System (CS-MUSI) 1. This system consists of a single Liquid Crystal (LC) phase retarder as a spectral modulator and a gray scale sensor array to capture a multiplexed signal of the imaged scene. By designing the LC spectral modulator in compliance with the Compressive Sensing (CS) guidelines and applying appropriate algorithms we demonstrated reconstruction of spectral (hyper/ultra) datacubes from an order of magnitude fewer samples than taken by conventional sensors. The LC modulator is designed to have an effective width of a few tens of micrometers, therefore it is prone to imperfections and spatial nonuniformity. In this work, we present the study of this nonuniformity and present a mathematical algorithm that allows the inference of the spectral transmission over the …

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  • January 1, 2017