OP21. 04: Association between 1st trimester vaginal bleeding and uterine artery Doppler measured at 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy Academic Article uri icon


  • Mean CRL was 63.03 ± 8.30 mm. Mean gestational age was 12.55 ± 0.63 weeks. Fetal placental sites and ratios were as following; Anterior location 48.1%, Posterior location 40.9%, Lateral location 5.4% and fundal location 3.6%. Left and right uterine artery PI values according to placental sites are shown in the Table 1. There were no statistical significant differences among placental sites. Unilateral or bilateral uterine artery notch was present in 350 pregnant women (19%). Uterine artery notch laterality ratios according to placental sites are as following; in anterior location (n = 168) 65% bilateral, 24% left sided, 11% right sided; in posterior (n = 122) 68% bilateral, 18% left sided, 13% right sided; in lateral (n = 39) 62% bilateral, 28% left sided, 10% right sided and in fundus (n = 21) 58% bilateral, 28% left sided, 14% right sided. The ratios did not show significant difference. Conclusions: The placental site does not seem to have effect on uterine artery PI values and the laterality of uterine artery notch.

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  • January 1, 2012