WAIV - Wind aided intensified evaporation for brine volume reduction and generating mineral byproducts Academic Article uri icon


  • In this study bench pilot WAIV units (∼ 1 m2 evaporation area loaded on 0.17 m2 footprint) were operated on two different desalination brines (RO and ED) as well as on a mineral brine concentrate under arid conditions of the Negev Highlands. The evaporation rate with the WAIV unit on these feeds often gave evaporation rates per footprint that were 10-fold or greater than the pan evaporation rate obtained from the local meteorological station at Sde Boker. Desalination brines were concentrated up to 23% TDS when operating on ED concentrate. The evaporation from the WAIV unit demonstrated enrichment in the magnesium ion compared to the calcium and the sodium ion, including over a two-fold enrichment of magnesium relative to calcium as would be expected by the equilibrium solubilities of the different minerals. Despite precipitation of minerals, there is not a large buildup of deposit on the flexible evaporation surface, and this helps establish the feasibility for recovering minerals from the desalination b...

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  • January 1, 2010