A review of: “Cognitive Dynamics: Conceptual and Representational Change in Humans and Machines” Edited by: Eric Dietrich and Arthur B. Markman Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, November 1999, 392 pp., ISBN: 0805834087 Academic Article uri icon


  • The book is composed of original essays authored by 19 prominent cognitive scientists. Although it is an edited book, the chapters are well arranged and connected. The book is organized into 12 chapters divided into three sections. Each section is introduced by a brief overview of chapters that appear. Each chapter presents some aspect or the dynamics of cognitive processing retaining representation as the key factor to explain the phenomena. The first section (Chapters 1-4) deals with foundations of representation and representational dynamics in cognitive systems. Section 2 (Chapters 5-7) deals with aspects of perception and low-level languages including the dymimics of representation in speech, meaning and object perception. Section 3 (Chapters 8-12) describes the role of dynamics in higher cognition. Throughout the entire book examples for the models and methods from …

publication date

  • January 1, 2001