Restricted quantum-classical correspondence and counting statistics for a coherent transition Academic Article uri icon


  • The conventional probabilistic point of view implies that if a particle has a probability $p$ to make a transition from one site to another site, then the average transport should be $⟨Q⟩=p$ with a variance $\mathrm{var}(Q)=(1\ensuremath{-}p)p$. In the quantum mechanical context this observation becomes a nontrivial manifestation of restricted quantum-classical correspondence. We demonstrate this observation by considering the full counting statistics which is associated with a two level coherent transition in the context of a continuous quantum measurement process. In particular we test the possibility of getting a valid result for $\mathrm{var}(Q)$ within the framework of the adiabatic picture, analyzing the simplest nontrivial example of a Landau-Zener crossing.

publication date

  • January 1, 2008