On the suppression-of-junction fluctuations parameter in Flory's network theory Academic Article uri icon


  • Conclusions This investigation allows comparison of the elastic component of the solvent chemical potential for bulk-and solution-cured PDMS+ cyclohexane systems. It reveals that a sharper maximum occurs at a slightly lower dilation for the bulk-cured sample but that numerical values of X In (qC/ul,+) for each system are nearly the same. The diluent dependence of X In (al, c/ul, u)/V1 has been tested. As Figure 6 shows, curves for the PDMS+ cyclohexane and PDMS+ benzene systems fail to coalesce. This illustrates that Xp1,+]/Vl is not only a function of dilution, but that there are also specific solvent effects. This anomaly cannot be attributed to differences between xc and xu or to changes of chain dimensions. This leads us to the inevitable conclusion that the elastic and mixing free energies are not strictly separable. The newest version of Flory's theory is clearly an …

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  • January 1, 1982