CSPs with counters: a likelihood-based heuristic Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract. Counter constraints are a naturalrepresentation of constraints on the finite capacity of resources in resource-allocation type problems. They are a generic family of non-binary constraints that limit the number of variables that may be assigned particular values. Counter constraints can be represented by binary constraints, at a cost. We analyse the cost, show how a counter can be represented as a linear number of binary constraints, and demonstrate empirically that even with the optimal reduction,an explicit representation of counters is preferable to their representation as a set of binary constraints. For counter constraints, value ordering is essential. An heuristic for value ordering on constraint satisfaction problems (CSP), based on the estimated likelihoodof a solution, is presented. The proposed value ordering heuristic is useful for counter constraints, as well as for binary CSPs, where it can be used to approximate the number of solutions consistent with a particular value assignment ...

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  • January 1, 1998