Serre duality for noncommutative projective schemes Academic Article uri icon


  • 0. Introduction Let k be a field and let A = ⊕ i≥0 Ai be an N-graded right noetherian k-algebra. In this paper we always assume that A is locally finite in the sense that each Ai is finite dimensional over k. If A0 = k, then A is called connected graded. We denote by Gr A the category of graded right A-modules and by gr A the subcategory consisting of noetherian right A-modules. The augmentation ideal A≥1 … Received by the editors September 20, 1995 and, in revised form, January 24, 1996. 1991 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary 14A22, 16W50, 16E30. Key words and phrases. noncommutative projective scheme, Serre duality theorem, Watts' theorem, dualizing sheaf, balanced dualizing complex. The first author is supported by an Allon Fellowship and is incumbent of the Anna and Maurice Boukstein Career Development Chair. The second author is supported by the NSF … License or copyright restrictions …

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  • January 1, 1997