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  • The recent amendment, of the Israeli regulation for nutrition labeling on the packaged food label, as published in the government registry, mandates the labeling of trans fatty acids. The relationship between the types of fatty acids and the risk of developing heart disease is well known and has been researched for many years. As part of efforts of the health authorities around the world and in Israel to reduce morbidity and mortality from chronic diseases, the authorities act to reduce consumption of trans fatty acids and saturated fatty acids. This article reviews the major changes that have taken place in reducing the consumption of trans fatty acids in recent years. This includes the evidence which pointed to the negative effects of their use, the Latest recommendations of several leading health leading organization regarding optimal consumption of fats in particular and regarding nutrition in general. It also entails trends in the world food industry towards the reduction in trans fatty acids use, and policies countries are implementing in order to reduce the world's consumption of trans fatty acids, including the updating of nutritional labeling regulations in Israel.

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  • December 1, 2013