Frozen stored Leishmania tropica vaccine: the effects of dose, route of administration and storage on the evolution of the clinical lesion. Two field trials in the Israel D... Academic Article uri icon


  • The first field trial of frozen vaccine against cutaneous leishmaniasis yielded a 100% take rate and a high ulceration rate at a dose of four million units. Two further trials were designed to investigate differences in response rates on the basis of duration of storage, sex of vaccinee, vaccination dose and method of administration. 257 soliders (151 males and 106 females) were inoculated in 1978 with an isolate of Leishmania tropica major that had been stored at the temperature of liquid nitrogen for 11 months before use. Those inoculated with an intradermal jet injector and those receiving half a million units by conventional injection yielded very low take rates. For those receiving two million and one million units, no difference in response was demonstrated between males and females or between doses. The over-all take rate for these groups after six months of follow-up was 71· 6% with an …

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  • January 1, 1983