Mother-infant sleep patterns and parental functioning of room-sharing and solitary sleeping families: a longitudinal study from 3 to 18 months Academic Article uri icon


  • Study Objectives To examine longitudinally differences in (a) objective and subjective sleep patterns and (b) parenting functioning (ie, maternal emotional distress, maternal separation anxiety and parental involvement in infant care (between room-sharing and solitary sleeping mother-infant dyads. Methods Maternal and infant sleep, sleeping arrangements and parental functioning were assessed at three (N= 146), six (N= 141), twelve (N= 135), and eighteen (N= 130) months postpartum. Maternal and infant sleep were assessed with actigraphy and sleep diaries for 5 nights. Questionnaires were used to assess sleeping arrangements, nighttime breastfeeding, and parental functioning. Results Persistent room- sharing mothers (ie, sharing a room with the infant on at least three assessment points) had significantly lower actigraphy-based sleep percent, lower longest sleep periods and more …

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  • January 1, 2018

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