Detection of wave-like gas-solids flow in a horizontal pipe using pressure difference technique Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract A non-intrusive measuring technique for monitoring the transition from a dilute phase to wave-like flow, and to measure the properties of wave-like flow was developed Two measuring techniques were used to observe the transition and to measure the wave properties. The first was a capacitance technique which measured, indirectly, the average mass in the pipe cross section. Based on the 3D effects of wave-like flow a simpler method for monitoring the waves and their properties was developed. This technique is based on the measurement of a pressure difference through a cross section of the pipeline. In order to understand the behaviour of the flow, pressure traces along the pipe line and the flow rates of the gas and solids were recorded. The pressure difference measurement though the pipe cross section exhibited a number of characteristics that were due to the three dimensional …

publication date

  • January 1, 1997