Space-time inversion of fluvial topography for paleo-uplift rates in Taiwan Academic Article uri icon


  • Longitudinal river profiles record the transient response of erosion to changes in tectonic uplift rates. Here we present an analytical linear solution for landscape evolution in response to erosion and tectonic uplift, which is variable in both space and time. The analytical linear approach allows us to easily solve the inverse problem, efficiently extracting uplift histories from digital elevation data and river networks. The analytical solution is based on the transient solution to the linear version (n= 1) of the stream-power equation. The general solution to this problem states that the elevation of a point in a river channel is equal to the time integral of its uplift history, where integration is carried out over the time required for an uplift signal to propagate from the baselevel of the river network to the point of interest. This" response time" depends on the geometry of the river network and an erosional …

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  • December 1, 2012