Biosynthesis of the chromogen hermidin from Mercurialis annua L. Academic Article uri icon


  • Cut seedlings of Mercurialis annua L. were supplied with solutions containing 5.4 mM [U-13 C 6] glucose and 50 mM unlabelled glucose. The pyridinone type chromogen, hermidin, was isolated and analyzed by NMR spectroscopy. 13 C NMR spectra revealed the presence of [4, 5, 6-13 C 3] hermidin in significant amount. NMR analysis of amino acids obtained by hydrolysis of labelled biomass showed the presence of [U-13 C 3] alanine, whereas aspartate was found to be virtually unlabelled. Photosynthetic pulse labelling of M. annua plants with 13 CO 2 followed by a chase period in normal air afforded [4, 5, 6-13 C 3]-and [2, 3-13 C 2] hermidin with significant abundance.[U-13 C 3] Alanine and multiply 13 C-labelled aspartate isotopologues were also found in significant abundance. The labelling patterns of hermidin obtained in the present study closely resemble those observed for the pyridine …

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  • November 1, 2007