Inflorescence bud proteins of Pistacia vera Academic Article uri icon


  • The Pistacia vera L.(common name pistachio) is a unique dioecious and deciduous tree species, which is productive under harsh desert climates. We have identified and purified an Inflorescence Bud Protein of 32 kDa (IBP32) from male pistachio trees. There is a close correlation between its accumulation and inflorescence bud development and its disappearance and flowering. Using antibodies raised against this protein, we have identified in female trees the IBP32 and in addition a 27 kDa protein (IBP27), which appears to be specific to female inflorescence buds. The accumulation and disappearance of IBP27 follows the same pattern as that of IBP32. These proteins are glycoproteins rich in glycine and alanine and are highly hydrophilic. Based on the analytical results and immunological cross-reactivity between dehydrin antibodies and the IBPs, it is assumed that the latter are …

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  • June 1, 1998