Osteopontin's N-terminal fragment uncovers carotid plaque stability associated with statin or antiplatelet therapy in hypertensive patients Academic Article uri icon


  • There were 22 statin-negative and 52 statin-treated patients. In the carotid plaque, immunohistochemical staining for macrophages was higher in statin-negative vs. statin- treated patients (CD68 immunostaining was 61.9% vs. 28.6%, p=. 03, respectively). OPN-FL staining trended similarly, but without statistical significance (78.7% vs. 47.8, p=. 08, respectively). In western blot analysis the abundance of plaque OPN-N/b-actin and not OPN- FL was significantly differ in statin-negative vs. statin treated patients [median 0.8 (range 0.35-2.37) vs. median 0.07 (range 0.04-0.77), p=. 0073, respectively]. In combined statin and antiplatelet therapy, plaque OPN-FL expression was not significantly different, whereas median OPN-N was 1.4 (range 0.75-4.15) in non-treated by either drug (n= 15), 0.15 (range 0.05-0.35) and 0.10 (range 0.05-1.30) in antiplatelet-only (n= 7) and statin-only (n= 10) …

publication date

  • January 1, 2015