State-selected photodissociation of D2O Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract The effect of selective vibrational preparation of the parent on its absorption cross section and on the vibrational distribution of the photofragments is studied in D 2 O. Rovibrationally excited D 2 O molecules are prepared in the | 03 〉 − state by infrared excitation and photolyzed via the A( 1 B 1 ) state by 193 nm photons. The OD fragments are detected by laser-induced fluorescence. The ≈ 1 eV vibrational excitation of D 2 O results in a five orders of magnitude increase in the absorption cross section and its subsequent photolysis yields OD with ( v = 1)/( v = 0) = 0.39±0.07. The significant population of both vibrational states of OD may help in testing quantitative agreement between experiment and future theoretical studies of state-selected photodissociation.

publication date

  • January 1, 1994