On the band structure and anisotropy of transport properties of ferromagnetic semiconductors CdCr_{2}Se_{4} and HgCr_{2}Se_{4} Academic Article uri icon


  • THE SPINELS CdCr,Se, and HgCr,Se, are ferro- magnetic semiconductors (FMS) with rather high Curie temperatures (T, = 130 K and 110 K respect- ively) and the electron mobility ( lo'-lo3 cm* V-' sl). Although these semiconductors have been investi- gated during two decades, the experimental data on optical and transport properties are usually discussed without taking into account the peculiarities of the band structure. Moreover, the viewpoint that at the present time the band structure of these compounds cannot be found with any certainty is predominant. The purpose of our paper is to describe the simple model of the band structure which is based on the main features of the results of band calculations [ 1, 21 and the analysis of the experimental data on the polar- ized light absorption near the fundamental edge [3,4] (the last papers have not yet attracted due attention). The model enables us to explain the following experi …

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  • February 28, 1989