Beta-casein nanocarriers of celecoxib for improved oral bioavailability Academic Article uri icon


  • Beta-casein (bCN) micelles were developed as a platform for improved oral bioavailability (BA) of poorly water-soluble drugs. Here we demonstrate a proof-of-concept using the NSAID celecoxib (Cx) loaded into bCN micelles (Cx/bCN). In a crossover pharmacokinetic (PK) study in pigs (n=4), dosed intraduodenally with either the commercial Cx formulation Celebra┬« or Cx/bCN, the Cmax obtained after administration of Cx/bCN was 2.3-fold higher and the Tmax was 1.57-fold faster, leading to a 1.76-fold increase in the BA of Cx, compared to the Celebra┬« formulation. It is suggested that this BA enhancement was caused by improvement of Cx solubility in intestinal fluids by bCN micelles, which maintained their Cx cargo in an amorphous state.

publication date

  • January 1, 2014