Dynamics of the passive scalar in compressible turbulent flow: Large-scale patterns Academic Article uri icon


  • The large variety of interesting phenomena related to the passive scalar transport in a random incompressible fluid flow were investigated both theoretically and exper—imentally (see, eg,[1e35]). These effects include anoma—lous turbulent diffusion, intermittency, and fractal structure of a concentration field. Recently the state of the art in the field of passive scalar transport by a turbulent incompressible velocity field and the unified mathemati—cal formulation of the problem were discussed in [33, 36]. However, the passive scalar transport by a compressible turbulent flow is a subject of relatively few investigations (see, eg,[37— 39]) and some interesting aspects of this problem were not addressed. In this study we address some issues of passive scalar transport in compressible turbulent flow of fluid that seem of interest in various phenomena. It will be demon-strated that compressibility of …

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  • January 1, 1995