Non-Orthogonal Domain Parabolic Equation and Its Tilted Gaussian Beam Solutions Academic Article uri icon


  • A non-orthogonal coordinate system which is a priori matched to localized initial field distributions for time-harmonic wave propagation is presented. Applying, in addition, a rigorous paraxial-asymptotic approximation, results in a novel parabolic wave equation for beam-type field propagation in 3D homogeneous media. Localized solutions to this equation that exactly match linearly-phased Gaussian aperture distributions are termed tilted Gaussian beams. These beams serve as the building blocks for various beam-type expansion schemes. Application of the scalar waveobjects to electromagnetic field beam-type expansion, as well as reflection and transmission of these waveobjects by planar velocity (dielectric) discontinuity are presented. A numerical example which demonstrates the enhanced accuracy of the tilted Gaussian beams over the conventional ones concludes the paper.

publication date

  • January 26, 2010