Shearing fluid-filled granular media: A coupled discrete element-continuous approach Conference Paper uri icon


  • Fluid-filled granular layers are abundant in the Earth's shallow crust as saturated soils and poorly consolidated hillslope material, and as fluid-filled fault gouge layers. When such grains-fluid systems are subjected to excitation by the passage of seismic waves, tectonic loading, or gravitational loading they exhibit a highly non-trivial dynamical behavior that may lead to instabilities in the form of soil liquefaction, debris flow mobilization, and earthquakes. In order to study the basic coupled mechanics of fluid-filled granular media and the dynamical processes that are responsible for the emergence of instabilities we develop a model that couples granular dynamics (DEM) algorithm with a continuous Eulerian grid- based solver. The two components of the model represent the two phases (grains and fluid) in two different scales. Each grain is represented by a single element in the granular …

publication date

  • April 1, 2012