Late bilateral keratectasia after LASIK in a low myopic patient Academic Article uri icon


  • To report a rare case of late bilateral ectasia developing after LASIK for low myopia without preoperative risk factors. A 21-year-old man underwent bilateral uneventful LASIK for low myopia of -2.75 diopters in both eyes. Preoperative corneal pachymetry was 531 microm in the right eye and 526 microm in the left eye. The total ablation depth was 46.8 microm in the right eye and 42.2 microm in the left eye. Preoperative corneal topography was normal and did not reveal forme fruste keratoconus. Twenty-four months postoperatively, the patient developed bilateral inferior keratectasia of +0.50 -3.00 x 72 degrees in the right eye and +1.00 -2.75 x 99 degrees in the left eye. Late keratectasia may follow LASIK for low myopia despite a thorough preoperative work-up.

publication date

  • January 1, 2005