Modeling and simulation of mono-layer coating Academic Article uri icon


  • Coating simulations of nano-suspended particles are implemented using the DEM-CFD method. A new model of capillary interactions, accounting for the microscale interface deformation implicitly but allowing a rather fast calculation time, is implemented. The drying of a nano-suspension liquid layer is modeled and implemented to the DEM code, allowing transient examination of mono-layer aggregation. The effect of particle size on the coating process is investigated. The main contrast in particle size was received in terms of the transition periods to the finite structure. It was found that the non-dimensional liquid height is a correlative parameter between the cases. Aggregation appears to start at approximately the same non-dimensional liquid height. Furthermore, a firm final structure was obtained at a similar liquid level, way before the drying is complete, indicating that the liquid level has a significant control on the assembly until this point. 2015

publication date

  • January 1, 2015