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  • Section II. Archaea Comparative genomic survey of information transfer systems in two diverse extremely halophilic Archaea, Halobacterium sp. strain NRC-1 and Haloarcula marismortui Brian R. Berquist, Jeetendra Soneja and Shiladitya DasSarma Walsby's square archaeon; it's hip to be square but even more hip to be culturable Henk Bolhuis Gene regulation and the initiation of translation in halophilic Archaea Felicitas Pfeifer, Peter Zimmermann, Sandra Scheuch and Simone Sartorius-Neef Protein translation, targeting and translocation in Haloferax volcanii Jerry Eichler, Gabriela Ring, Vered Irihimovitch, Tovit Lichi, Irit Tozik and Zvia Konrad Enzymes of halophilic Archaea. Recent findings on ureases and nucleoside diphosphate kinases Toru Mizuki, Ron Usami, Masayuki Kamo, Masaru Tanokura and Masahiro Kamekura Osmoadaptation in methanogenic Archaea: recent insights from a genomic perspective Katharina Pflüger …

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  • January 27, 2006