P02.53: Fetal echogenic bowel at 16 weeks' gestational age as the early and the only sign of severe Hirschprung disease (total colonic + ileum + partial jejunum)—a case report Academic Article uri icon


  • Abdominal lymphangioma is a rare benign tumor of the lymphatic vessels, usually found in the mesentery of the small bowel or in the retroperitoneum. We describe a case of an abdominal cystic lymphangioma, identified at 22 wks of gestation when the detailed ultrasonography revealed a right-sided abdominal mass with 23× 18 mm. It had an anechogenic septate appearance with thin and irregular borders. There was no evidence of other anomalies and fetal kariotype was 46 XX. Subsequent serial ultrasound examinations showed an increase of mass size and septum number. At 37 wks the multilocular and multiseptate mass measured 78× 58× 77 mm (±80 ml), extending from infrahepatic region to the vesical area. MRI findings were similar to ultrasonographic ones. At 38 wks an elective Cesarean section was decided, after discussion with the perinatology committee. A …

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  • January 1, 2006