Phase behavior and characterization of micellar and cubic phases in the nonionic surfactant C<-17> E< 84>/water system. A PFG NMR, SAXS, Cryo-TEM, and fluore... Academic Article uri icon


  • An extensive study of the diffusion behavior of the C [17] E [84]/water system is presented. The surfactant, when mixed with water, forms a micellar phase below approximate to 13 wt% and a cubic phase between approximate to 20-60 wt%(at 25 degrees C). In addition to the pulsed Geld gradient (PFG) NMR technique (used to determine the self-diffusion coefficients), the system has been investigated by small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), cryo- transmission electronmicroscopy (cryo-TEM), and time-resolved fluorescence quenching (TRFQ). The self-diffusion coefficient (D) and the transverse relaxation time (T-2) of the surfactant molecules decrease significantly when going from the micellar to the cubic phase. The results of the PFG NMR, SAXS, cryo-TEM, and TRFQ experiments show that the cubic phase is composed of discrete aggregates. On the basis of the rapid transverse H-1 NMR …

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  • January 1, 1998