Very high energy gamma-ray spectroscopy Academic Article uri icon


  • The cosmic γ-ray spectrum in the relatively unexplored energy range 1 ⪉ Eγ ⪉ 103GeV may have several interesting features. It may contain the γ-ray lines from photino annihilation in the galactic halo, if photinos indeed comprise the unidentified dark matter in typical galaxies. There could also be a detectable diffuse background at Eγ > 30 GeV. These and other features could be observed with the ASTROMAG facility that is being planned for the Space Station. This facility will consist of a superconducting magnet equipped with magnetic rigidity spectrometers for various particle astrophysics investigations. The authors describe how one of these spectrometers could be configured as a γ-ray telescope that would be capable of unprecedented energy resolution and background rejection.

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  • January 1, 1987