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  • In any case, the final objective in catalytic science is (quite obviously) to obtain an efficient catalyst; and probably the most important measure of efficiency is the TOF (even though the TON, the selectivity, and even the price of the catalyst are also quantities that must not be overlooked). It can be argued that the purpose of obtaining the rate law is nothing more than having a tool to calculate this TOF, so disregarding the use of this “bare number” means disregarding the reason to study the rate law in the first place. In his comment, Lente argues that “it is difficult to understand why the researcher should make a futile attempt to condense the information content of these measurements into a single physical quantity instead of reporting the rate law and the rate constants directly”. The answer is simple: obtaining the rate law entails a lot of work and time that can also be exploited in other useful ways to …

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  • January 1, 2013