Comparative study of enhanced fluorescence from nano sculptured thin films Academic Article uri icon


  • When an electromagnetic wave interacts with a nano structured metallic surface or a nanoparticle, the electromagnetic fields near the surface are greatly enhanced by factors up to 1000. This phenomenon is due to two processes:(i) the'lightning rod'effect, conventionally described as the crowding of the electric field lines at a sharp metallic tip and (ii) the excitation of localized surface plasmons at the metal surface. Both are responsible for the enhancement of fluorescence, second-harmonic generation and Raman scattering. For metal nanoparticles often both processes are involved in creating the localized enhanced near field. Since sculptured thin films (STFs) can have a rod like structure and an overall large porosity, it is expected that these structures will exhibit enhanced fluorescence and Raman signals. Results of comparative study of surface enhanced fluorescence are …

publication date

  • January 1, 2008