Dynamic mechanical and fracture properties of an infiltrated TiC-1080 steel cermet Academic Article uri icon


  • The dynamic mechanical and fracture properties of a TiC porous network infiltrated with1080 steel are reported. Following infiltration, the cermet is subjected to various heat treatments that affect essentially the steel matrix. Dynamic compression tests show that the heat treatments increase the fracture strength of the cermet. The quasi-static fracture toughness (K Ic) is also increased by the heat treatments. The dynamic (initiation) fracture toughness (K Id) is substantially higher (by about a factor of 3) than its static counterpart. Failure mechanisms consist mainly of cleavage of the TiC and matrix grains, along with minor interfacial decohesion. However, dynamic loading induces substantial damage around the crack tip, consisting essentially of cleavage of TiC grains. Microcrak toughnening is believed to be responsible for the high dynamic toughness of the material. The critical …

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  • January 1, 2005