Multifrequency resonances in multiple-pulse NMR on a spin-1/2 system Academic Article uri icon


  • We have observed multifrequency resonances in a system with a spin 1/2 located in dc magnetic field and irradiated simultaneously by a multiple-pulse radio frequency sequence and a low-frequency field swept in the range 0-80 kHz. The used excitation scheme allowed us to measure the effective field of the radio frequency sequence. A peculiarity of this scheme is that the intensity of the resonance lines decreases slowly with the mode number. The theoretical description of the effect is presented using both the rotating frame approximation and the Floquet theory. Both approaches give identical results at the calculation of the resonance frequencies, transition probabilities, and shifts of resonance frequency. The calculated magnetization vs the frequency of the low-frequency field agrees well with the obtained experimental data. The multifrequency spectra give a way for studying slow atomic motion in solids.

publication date

  • January 1, 2003