User-equilibrium route set analysis of a large road network Academic Article uri icon


  • By 1953 Martin Beckmann had formulated and analyzed the static, deterministic userequilibrium (UE) route choice model with variable origin-destination flows (demand)(Beckmann et al, 1956; Boyce, 2004). Twenty years later, Suzanne Evans (1973, 1976) proposed and analyzed an algorithm for solving a version of Beckmann's model that corresponded to practitioner models with origin-destination (OD) constraints and transit as well as road modes. The effectiveness of her algorithm for large networks was studied by several researchers; see Boyce and Bar-Gera (2004) for a recent review. Other young researchers at that same time proposed and tested algorithms for solving the user- equilibrium problem with fixed OD flows (LeBlanc et al, 1975; Nguyen, 1974; Florian and Nguyen, 1976), building upon the pioneering theoretical research of Jorgensen (1963) …

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  • January 1, 2005