VizieR Online Data Catalog: Lensed z̃6-8 galaxies behind CLASH clusters (Bradley+, 2014) Academic Article uri icon


  • CLASH is a 524 orbit multi-cycle treasury program to observe 25 galaxy clusters to a total depth of 20 orbits each, incorporating archival HST data for our cluster sample whenever possible (Postman et al. 2012, J/ApJS/199/25). Each cluster is observed using WFC3/UVIS, ACS/WFC, and WFC3/IR to obtain imaging in 16 broadband filters spanning from 0.2 to 1.7 um (for the throughput curves of each filter, see Postman et al. 2012, J/ApJS/199/25 or Jouvel et al. 2014, J/A+ A/562/A86). We used SExtractor version 2.5. 0 (Bertin & Arnouts 1996A&AS.. 117.. 393B) in dual-image mode to perform object detection and photometry. For each of our 18 clusters, we constructed a detection image by performing an inverse-variance weighted sum of the images in all five WFC3/IR bands: Y105, J110, J125, JH140, and H160. The local background was measured within a rectangular annulus (default width 24 pixels) and so...

publication date

  • April 1, 2017