Performance of an advanced absorption cycle with R 125 and different absorbents Academic Article uri icon


  • The performance of an advanced triple-pressure level (TPL) single-stage absorption cycle with refrigerant R125 and various organic absorbents were studied. In the developed TPL cycle, a jet ejector of a special design is added at the absorber inlet. The device serves two major functions: it facilitates pressure recovery and improves the mixing process between the weak solution and the refrigerant vapor coming from the evaporator. These effects enhance the absorption process of the refrigerant vapor into the solution drops. To facilitate the design of a jet ejector for absorption machines, a numerical model of simultaneous heat and mass transfer between the liquid and the gas phases in the ejector was developed.Based on the computerized simulation program, a parametric study of a TPL cycle was carried out. Comparison was made between the performances of the TPL and the common double pressure level (DPL) absorption cycle with refrigerant R125 and various organic absorbents. In addition, the influence of the jet ejector on the performance of the absorption cycle and the size of the unit was studied.

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  • January 1, 2004

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