[Description of differential optical spectropolarimetric imaging system (DOSI) for non-invasive detection of skin tumors]. Academic Article uri icon


  • BACKGROUND: Most physicians diagnose skin malignancy using theoretical criteria and clinical experience. Apart from dermatoscopy, noninvasive means for skin tumors' diagnosis are highly expensive and are not in daily use. We developed a simple, handy and relatively inexpensive tool for non-invasive diagnosis of skin tumors. The Differential Optical Spectropolarimetric Imaging system (DOSI) is based on collecting information from the surface and depth of skin tumors, using the advantage of liquid crystal devices (LCDs]. OBJECTIVE: DOSI feasibility study in order to diagnose skin tumors non-invasively. METHOD: Skin tumor optical data was collected in order to create image indicators for specific skin tumors. Spectral images of skin tumors are captured before the lesion that was scheduled for removal was surgically excised. Repeating features of images of each …

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  • January 1, 2011