The initiation of long-term pharmacotherapy in schizophrenia: dosage and side effect comparisons between oral and depot fluphenazine. Academic Article uri icon


  • This report focuses on two comparisons between oral and depot fluphenazine specifically FPZ decanoate: 1) can equivalent dosages for the two drugs be established and do these equivalencies change over six months of treatment; 2) what are the side effects seen with the two drugs during the early weeks of administration. Patients in the study receive either oral or depot FPZ as the active treatment but in order to preserve double blind conditions, they are also given the other treatment in placebo form. No dosage equivalence is established by the protocol, however, if dosage is adjusted, both forms must be changed and in the same direction. During the first weeks of treatment there is a linear relationship between the two dosage forms but a range of relatively low dosages of the oral compound (5- 20 mg) is associated with a single dose (25 mg/q 3 weeks) of FPZ decanoate. At higher …

publication date

  • July 1, 1976