Behavioral indicators and conservation: Wielding" the biologist's tricorder" Academic Article uri icon


  • The adaptive behavior of organisms has been dubbed “The Biologist's Tricorder”( Rosenzweig, 2001). In the science fiction television show “Star Trek”, the tricorder gave crewmembers astounding diagnoses on medical and scientific concerns, and this information somehow managed to be precisely relevant and needed. Likewise, behavior can provide astounding information on the status of individuals and populations in diverse ecological situations. This includes insights into the internal state of individuals, the richness of the environments in which they live, the suitability of their habitats, the extent to which they face danger from predators (and therefore the wellbeing of the predator populations), the carrying capacity of the population, interactions with their competitors and predators, and more. And foraging behavior often yields the most farreaching insight. Foraging behavior …

publication date

  • January 1, 2007