NMR relaxation of quadrupolar nuclei as a probe of the motion of guest species in sodalite cavities Conference Paper uri icon


  • Abstract Useful information on interactions and motion of guest molecules in sodalite cavities is obtained by estimating the spin-lattice and spin-echo decay rates of encapsulated Br− ions. An extremely fast spin-lattice relaxation rate is observed for 81 Br nuclei, adjacent to Br−-empty cages which contain rapidly tumbling water molecules. We detect a further significant different T 1 of the 81 Br in Na 8 Br 2-sodalite and AgsBr 2-sodalite, respectively, which probably indicates a less restricted motion within the cavities of the Ag+-exchanged material. Spin-echo decay experiments additionally indicate a difference between the dynamic properties of the Br− anion in the encapsulated Na 4 Br and Ag 4 Br clusters, respectively.

publication date

  • January 1, 1993