An In-Pile Kinetic Method for Determining the Delayed Neutron Fraction βeff Conference Paper uri icon


  • Delayed neutrons are of fundamental importance in the field of nuclear reactor dynamics and control. Although only a small fraction of the neutrons emitted by fission are not prompt, the knowledge of the delayed neutrons parameters is essential for transient analysis, such as startup or shutdown of the reactor, as well as for accidents analysis and control system design [1]. One of the main delayed neutron parameters used in the point reactor model equations is the effective delayed neutron fraction, which incorporates both delayed neutron spectral properties and core geometrical configuration [1, 2]. Additional delayed neutron parameters include the fraction of fission neutrons emitted in each delayed group, and the delayed neutron precursors decay constants. Experimental efforts aimed at determining the value ofβ, which provide experimental support for the evaluation of delayed neutron …

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  • February 1, 2014