Channel coding and source coding with increased partial side information Conference Paper uri icon


  • Let (S 1, i, S 2, i)∼ ii dp (s 1, s 2), i= 1, 2,⋯ be a memoryless, correlated partial side information sequence. In this work, we study channel coding and source coding problems where the partial side information (S 1, S 2) is available at the encoder and the decoder, respectively, and, additionally, either the encoder's or the decoder's side information is increased by a limited-rate description of the other's partial side information. We derive six special cases of channel coding and source coding problems and we characterize the capacity and the rate-distortion functions for the different cases. We present a duality between the channel capacity and the rate-distortion cases we study. In order to find numerical solutions for our channel capacity and rate-distortion problems, we use the Blahut- Arimoto algorithm and convex optimization tools. Finally, we provide several examples …

publication date

  • January 1, 2010