White-light single-shot digital hologram recorder Conference Paper uri icon


  • Abstract: A new technique, coined integral holography, for recording holograms of three-dimensional objects under spatially incoherent white-light illumination, and in a single camera shot, is presented. Experimental results validate the correctness of the new technique … OCIS codes: (090.0090) Holography; (110.6880) Three-dimensional image acquisition; (070.0070) Fourier optics and optical signal processing … The main disadvantage of conventional holography, in which a laser reference beam and a laser object beam create an interference pattern that is recorded into a film, is the fact that the acquisition process is complicated. In this kind of holography, the two beams must be coherent to each other and the optical system must be extremely stable in order to create the interference pattern. In addition, the light intensity needed for this process is relatively high. Refs. [1-3] present a partial solution to these problems …

publication date

  • January 1, 2007