The Discovery and Properties of a Newly Discovered Compact Lensing Cluster CLIO at z=0.42: A unique JWST target Conference Paper uri icon


  • Abstract We present the results of a new study of a unique compact lensing cluster we name CLIO at redshift z= 0.42, discovered through the GAMA survey using spectroscopic redshifts. Compact and massive clusters such as this are understudied, but provide a unique prospective on dark matter distributions and for finding background lensed high-z galaxies. The CLIO cluster was identied for follow up observations due to its almost unique combination of high mass and dark matter halo concentration, as well as having observed lensing arcs from ground based imaging. Using deep FORS2 and Spitzer imaging in combination with MUSE optical spectroscopy we identify 89 cluster members and background sources out to z= 5.79. We describe the physical state of this cluster, finding a strong correlation between environment and galaxy spectral type. We furthermore …

publication date

  • January 1, 2018