Is more information better for dismounted soldiers? Display-layout considerations of multiple video feed from unmanned vehicles Academic Article uri icon


  • Dismounted operational tactics are often aided by unmanned vehicles (UVs). The challenge for dismounted soldiers who receive video feed from UVs is in their ability to understand the global picture of the conflict area and to identify potential threats. A possible way to enhance soldiers' awareness is to display simultaneous ground and aerial views of the area. This study examined three possible display layout and toggle mechanism for the video feeds provided. Thirty former infantry soldiers with no experience using UV video feed participated. Objective performances and subjective ratings were analyzed. Performance scores in Identification and Orientation were superior in the Split and Combo layouts that allowed seeing both aerial and ground feeds at the same time. The Combo layout was also most preferred by participants and provides an operational advantage over the Split screen. Still, more practice may be needed for dismounted soldiers to utilize video feed from UAVs.

publication date

  • January 1, 2014