A measurement of the charm and bottom forward-backward asymmetries using D mesons at LEP Academic Article uri icon


  • A measurement of the charm and bottom forward-backward asymmetry in e+e− annihilations is presented at energies on and around the peak of the Z0 resonance. Decays of the Z0 into charm and bottom quarks are tagged using D mesons identified in about 4 million hadronic decays of the Z0 boson recorded with the OPAL detector at LEP between 1990 and 1995. Approximately 33000 D mesons are tagged in seven different decay modes. From these the charm and bottom asymmetries are measured in three energy ranges around the Z0 peak: \(\matrix {A_{\rm FB}^{\rm c}=0.039\pm 0.051\pm 0.009\cr A_{\rm FB}^{\rm c}=0.063\pm 0.012\pm 0.006\cr A_{\rm FB}^{\rm c}=0.158\pm 0.041\pm 0.011}\) \(\matrix {A_{\rm FB}^{\rm b}=0.086\pm 0.108\pm 0.029\cr A_{\rm FB}^{\rm b}=0.094\pm 0.027\pm 0.022\cr A_{\rm FB}^{\rm b}=0.021\pm 0.090\pm 0.026}\) \(\matrix{\langle E_{cm}\rangle =89.45\ {\rm GeV}\cr \langle E_{cm}\rangle =91.22\ {\rm GeV}\cr \langle E_{cm}\rangle =93.00\ {\rm GeV}}\) The results are in agreement with the predictions of the standard model and other measurements at LEP.


publication date

  • January 1, 1997