Discontinuous Meniscus Location in Tapered Capillaries Driven by Pressure Difference and Dielectrophoretic Forces Academic Article uri icon


  • We calculate the meniscus location in tapered capillaries under the influence of pressure difference and dielectrophoretic forces with and without gravity. We find that the meniscus location can be a discontinuous function of the pressure difference or the applied voltage and that the meniscus can “jump” to one end or another of the capillary. Phase diagrams are given as a function of the pressure and voltage, depending on the geometrical parameters of the system. We further consider a revision of the dielectric rise under dielectrophoretic force in wedge capillaries and in the case of electrowetting, where the dielectrophoretic force is a small perturbation. Finally, we also find discontinuous liquid− gas interface location in the case of liquid penetration into closed volumes.

publication date

  • July 1, 2007