Superconducting inductive current limiter as a power system component Conference Paper uri icon


  • One promising option for the current limiter is a device based on a fast transition of a superconducting material from the superconducting state with zero resistance to the normal state with pronounced resistance. The superconducting current limiting device being developed by us is based on an idea of inductive coupling of an active high critical temperature superconducting element to the power network. We present the results of theoretical investigation of the device's influence on the electromagnetic processes in the circuit to be protected. We have performed a simulation of a 13.8 kV device performance with the use of a mathematical model that takes into account both electromagnetic and thermal processes in the device. We have introduced the inhomogenities of the ring properties into the model and investigated their influence on the transient characteristics of the device. The basic properties of the current limiter were experimentally investigated using 50 V/10 A and 1000 V/25 A prototypes

publication date

  • April 7, 1995